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Orna Konig

Services: Body Balancing Sessions

Service: Pregnancy & Birth Support

During my body balancing session we will go over different Spinning Babies® stretches and other exercises to help balance mom’s body around the uterus and pelvic bone. This will  make room for the baby to move to the position that is ideal for him/her, given's mom's physiology.  


My goal is to help moms to acquaint herself with the physiology around her uterus, so that she can consciously focus on maintaining a balanced body for an easier pregnancy and smoother labor. 


We will also cover everyday (modern day) habits that would be ideal to avoid, as well as suggestions on ways to sit and sleep - all as means to promote balanced body.

A typical session lasts about 1.5 hrs and costs $180

*Discounted fee available for parents with low income, and repeat sessions

*$50 extra for home visits outside of San Francisco

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Some logistics for the session:

  • Wear comfortable cloths - the type that you would wear for yoga.

  • Ideally, your partner or a friend will be present at the session so that they can learn how to support you when you repeat the stretches in the following days and weeks

  • If your baby is currently in breech position, we would want to go over Spinning Babies' breech tilt, which requires an ironing board (or any sturdy board that is similar in length and width). If you don't happen to have one, you can perhaps borrow one from a friend/neighbor, or purchase it from any hardware store (a basic one costs about $20), prior to our meeting

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