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Service: Pregnancy & Birth Support

Our body is naturally "designed" to carry our baby in an optimal way during pregnancy and labor & deliver the baby smoothly at birth. However, our modern culture and lifestyle - where we sit, lounge back and commute to work, on a daily basis - often create tightnesses in our body, which in turn could prevent optimal fetal position and create obstacles in labor and birth.


Given the current COVID-19 confinement situation, the following package is the current alternative to the in-person parents class:


Online Guided Spinning Babies Parents Class

With this package you receive:

  • ​Start with a 60 minutes group orientation meeting with me. During this meeting  we will get to know each other and go over what to expect in this class.​

  • In addition, you will receive a Spinning Babies® Parent Class Materials, including ​the Spinning Babies eBook: Spinning Babies companion for the Parent Class, Three Sisters of Balance Handout, Daily Essentials & Labor Checklist, Daily Pregnancy Activity Guide by Weeks, Fetal Compass Rose Handout, and more

  • Once you had the opportunity to go over the class videos, and have had the chance to start practicing the recommended stretches, we would schedule a one-on-one,  60-90 minutes virtual meeting together. During this meeting we would go over any questions you might have, help you refine some of the more intricate stretches, and help you tailor the recommended routine to your specific personal needs.

    • I recommend scheduling this meeting within two weeks from the orientation meeting date.​

  • !Unlimited follow-up calls with me (a Spinning Babies Aware Practitioner, and a Spinning Babies Parent Educator) throughout your pregnancy: whenever you have any question regarding your baby's position, and how to work around it - just let me know.

Available orientation dates: 

* Contact me for registration or to ask about additional dates and times, as well as sliding scale options

Sunday, July 23rd, 9-10 AM

Sunday, August 20th, 9-10 AM

Sunday, September 24th, 9-10 AM


Fee: $225

Come learn the Spinning Babies® (SpB) approach to pregnancy comfort, labor progress, and more ease at birth

Aware-Practitioner (1).png

Spinning Babies® is an approach to optimize the physical relationship between the bodies of the mother and baby for the easing of childbirth. It is a new paradigm that takes clues from the baby’s position and station for natural, physiological solutions. It may help improve fetal position (breech, transverse, posterior), ease birth & reduce the chance of cesarean.

In this class for expecting parents, we will explore:


  • Achieving more comfort in pregnancy, and more ease in labor and birth, by learning tools that help birth-muscles to relax to create more space and opportunity for baby to find a more favorable position, for easier pregnancy and a smoother birth:​

    • Some recommended Daily Essentials;

    • Tips on how to Rest Smart/SM in pregnancy and labor (Yes! There are ways to sit and sleep that are much better for the pregnant body and for promoting an optimal baby position);

    • The famous Three Sisters of Balance to create more space for the baby to rotate as needed;

    • Different Birth Positions that help opening the pelvis at the different stages of labor​

  • Connecting to your body, through learning the anatomy of birth

  • Connecting to your baby, by learning belly mapping® and by following the baby's journey in the birthing person's body, throughout pregnancy, labor and birth


  • When: Any time between 20 weeks of pregnancy and until you have your baby 

  • Who: The birthing parent and partner - to learn how to work together in pregnancy and labor

  • Prepare: Wear Comfortable clothes

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